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Tobacco, Indonesia and the Visit of the President Obama .

Recent issues of  the Jakarta Post have some interesting opposing opinions on smoking while sections of the Singapore press only last week attacked president Obama  for smoking , possibly something he learned at school here in Jakarta! .

I am happy to agree with both the former minister for health Siti Fadilah with her fellow ‘anti ban’ lobby as well as the good DR Muherman Harun and the growing anti smoking lobby, with one very important condition. We start to make a distinction between good and bad smoking; This is a serious issue which is never addressed, people  are uninformed  and its vital that this distinction  becomes know and clarified quickly here in Indonesia and then elsewhere .

Before elaborating further on this issue to both sides of  a complex argument it needs stating that in Singapore there is no real cigarette industry . Any ban  will effect a few sales outlets and the duty free  shops, so there is not a big employment and revenue argument for the idea of a ban which makes it appear an easy decision for the Singapore Government with a little more massaging of public opinion. Singapore is scheduled to hold a very big international conference on smoking soon. The situation is very different in Indonesia .

The anti smoking lobby  here and all around the world  is quite right, smoking the normal commercial cigarettes available in the market today is playing havoc with both health, medical expenses & government budget. Something has to be done about it, just ask president Obama while he’s Indonesia.

The reason for supporting the pro smoking lobby really has nothing to do with employment or revenue, that’s a bonus. The real argument is  here in Indonesia  some quite remarkable Indonesian scientists and doctors have discovered that cigarette smoking can with specially treated cigarettes significantly assist peoples health and has the potential to cut health costs around the globe. This work has been going on quietly and unaided for some years  and the reason I write today is because I am one of many that have benefited from this remarkable Indonesian discovery.

Before we look more specificaly  at this work, let s look at the history of tobacco or the little we know of it . For the west it all started with Columbus bringing  tobacco back to Europe. It soon became known as a magical healing tool, Jean Nicot a french ambassador in the 1500′s, after whom Nicotine was named, became assured of the healing powers of tobacco, describing tobacco as a panacea and sent tobacco to Catherine de Medici, the Queen of France.The Queen Medici was cured & decreed that tobacco was henceforth to be called Herba Regina, the “queen’s herb.”

Medical science was still in its infancy. Of course its real impact on health was know for years before  Columbus  by nearly all the Indians in the Americas .Unfortunatly most of that knowledge has disappeared with the death of so many indegineous people and their languages resulting from European colonization of the Americas and the fact that  most was hidden in the wisdom lost in the oral traditions  that existed before the written word.

Tobacco and smoking cigarettes remained beyond the concerns of all countries long after Columbus, in fact its only in the last forty years that the link between health and cigarettes has become a focus .Before it was a successful part of medicine  in many countries without a clear scientific explanation. From the 16th century until forty years ago people who smoked  lived  long and healthy  lives. Perhaps some of you recall a grandparent or two who fit this scenario . So why did it change and what should we do about it ?

The Indonesian s working on this project suspect its a combination  of factors ,one is environmental pollutants effecting the big tobacco leaf , second the pesticides and the fertilizers, together with some of the handling technique s and  of course the chemicals. So one thing we must do is uncover the ancient wisdom and find out how to grow healthy tobacco . Indonesia has made a start and its a great place to do it Unfortunately my country has almost banned any private initiatives in this area .

Presently in some other countries research  is still going on with tobacco, only last week Scientific AMERICA  had an article stating that the Texas Vac Plant  Extract Consortium had developed a tobacco based vaccine  to enable the world to cheaply fight future and pandemic  flu viruses. Tobacco may not be the key factor in many of the health issues attributed to it, the jury should remain out on that. There is also  growing evidence of the major impact of certain dental interventions  such as the effect of mercury on health that need study in the context of the smoking issue.  Certain statistics show the poor in certain areas have  fewer cronic illnesses than the middle and upper classes inspite of the fact they smoke more  and its possible that this is because they have no dental amalgums in their mouths .These and other matters are the subject of investigation still. So let s not throw the baby out with the bath water here  in Indonesia now.

More exciting is the development of nano technology and the possibility of placing healing nano particles into smoke.  The smoke acts as the conduit  for nano particles to reach all parts of the body quickly to fight disease.

In summary lets ban unhealthy cigarettes and start to promote & support healthy smoking . If we do that  Ibu Siti Fadilah can have her cake and eat it and Pak Harun may have a new tool to solve his health problems. The US President could even take a puff of a healthy fag at his old school and perhaps go back home with a specifically Indonesian present which may help him solve the dilema of U.S health cost’s during his presidency, not to mention ease the beautiful Michelle Obama’s anxiety about his smoking. ( Some American’s are already here and know the benefits of the work Indonesia is doing.) Don’t  let this go up in smoke  its not a pipe dream.

David Sangster’s response to comments on the above article

Murray Clapham is anti commercial cigarette smoking

I refer to “Bizarre claim that smoking is healthy” March 30, two Letters March 31 and to the co-ed “Indonesia, President Obama …. ” Jakata Post March 19 (which I found by Google under ‘Murray Clapham’ at hit 15 and 19 Mar/4 Apr) and other comments there on.
Many of those who have written seem to not have read carefully the paragraph by Murray Clapham in which he says that the anti-smoking lobby all around the world is quite right, smoking the normal commercial cigarettes  available in the market place today is playing havoc with health, medical and government expenses and something will have to be done about it.
The article then goes on to point out the good reputation over the centuries of tobacco as a curative and suggests there may be useful medicines which can be derived from the wild tobacco plant and we should look for them.  (Perhaps Victor Chang would not disagree with that).  Murray Clapham then outlines the efforts being made in Indonesia to find a healthy smoke.
I do wish that others would become informed before writing or making a comment.
David Sangster



Indonesia’s Dr. Cigarettes thumbs nose at ‘Western’ science

May 21, 2010 · 

Cancer cure, anyone?

The Jakarta Post has given the front page of its feature section, impression that Zahar might be onto something. The uncritical, unthinking headline says it all: “Divine cigarettes used to treat cancer with a spill on the following page, to the claims of that “strange granny” Gretha Zahar about cancer cures and “divine cigarettes”. But instead of debunking her, the Post leaves its readers with the impression that Zahar might be onto something. The uncritical, unthinking headline says it all: “Divine cigarettes used to treat cancer”.”

Journalists have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to reporting about science and medicine, but I still find it amazing that a metropolitan broadsheet in a major Asian capital could be so dismissive of the fundamental importance of the scientific method, and so blithe in its reporting on putative cures or treatments for a horrible disease that afflicts so many people. Maybe I just shouldn’t expect anything better.

I’ve already written about this in earlier blogs, but just to re-cap, Zahar claims to have found a treatment for cancer that involves asking her patients to smoke cigarettes. Yep, you got it. Patients who have never smoked, or who may have quit the habit, along with those who may have contracted cancer through smoking, are encouraged to light up cigarettes fitted with special filters which she has developed using “nanotechnology”. The filters, she claims, remove toxins from the “divine cigarettes”, and the subsequent smoke draws cancer-causing free-radicals out of the body through the skin.


The balur clinic’s work on the following lines:

DIVINE cigarettes use amino acid as scavengers and traces of nano particles for “twisting” the toxic Hg to Aurum. Nicotine is in fact alkaloid (C,H,N,O component) of m.p -79C , and density=1 like water.

When the smoke of divine cigarette using a syringe is injected to the skin, it causes a brown liquid to come out.  The smoke = nicotine vapor (density 1) gets in contact with toxic bubble water +Hg ,  then the nicotine is diluted by water, Au substituted Hg in the liquid nicotine-water ( brown-black on the skin, which can be proven with AAS or NAA )

Combined with a bit of “traditional” massage using certain oils and residues, and some blowing of “divine” smoke over the skin by the good doctor herself, and hey presto goodbye cancer! Oh, and it works pretty well on autism as well!!

She reckons she’s treated thousands of people this way, but refuses to publish her research in peer-reviewed journals:

—Gretha … was not interested in seeking acknowledgment [sic] from international scientists. She said the findings in her 13-year PhD research on bi-radical development had not been given any consideration.

“I say that’s a waste of time (seeking acknowledgement from international scientists),” she said. “What’s my purpose? I want to help people. Do I need to announce that everywhere?


The human” Balur Divine” research is based on bi-radicals (G.Zahar dissertation, 1993) a review supporting the contradictory bi-radical theory of spin-spin interaction inter molecular  (E. Kosower 1968) which remains hidden until today.  The accepted theory is taken for granted.

R — R  Accepted Theory

R· + R·

R· R· (paramagnetic ) + R· R· (diamagnetic)      Contradictory

Biradicals Theory

We can analyze and prove the bi-radicals with Electron Spin Resonance, a half field line, with signals of H=1600G , GCMS, Infrared.

I used Kosower’s  book as a source  for studying this contradictory theory so  I wrote him,  and then  I realized that even he;  an esteemed Professor at New York University had failed to tell the truth about the theory. That’s why he refused to discuss it, when I asked him about his further works, he was already frustrated and in his retirement moved back to Tel Aviv. Should I become like him? In l990 I sent the abstract to an institute where all the ESR, GCMS  records are kept and ……they said to throw that paper in the trash.

The requirement of a PhD degree was to be published in one of the international journals, however because of the contradictory research which had taken me 13 years to finis., I still felt unhappy  because the world never understood about the hidden theory of bi-radicals.


I did experiments on my body, then with my best friend who suffered from cancer and was dying. With love I took care of her in my house, where after 3 months she could walk again and went home in a better condition.

That time I used only acetosalysilic acid, paracetamol, cassava, and Vitamin C.

It has been almost 13 years, doing the research of balur Divine with my own money, without the help of any foundation, but  only with faith in the Almighty , that the TRUTH would one day be revealed and accepted.

Today I have many patients attesting to the TRUTH of my statements and my theories.

“Do we need proof from abroad that this country is special? If people consider you as tempeh [simple soybean cake], that’s good enough,” she said, lashing out on the Western medical sector’s perception of Indonesian scientists.

It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad, sad for Indonesian scientists who understand the value of evidence and sad for all those cancer sufferers who might be desperate enough to light up a “divine cigarette”. If the PhD-holding nano-doctor truly wants to help people, why doesn’t she encourage critical international examination of her theories so that all those millions of cancer sufferers around the world can benefit? If you want to help people, good doctor, you should announce your potential cure everywhere.


I am a scientist and an elderly Indonesian woman. Should I fight or argue with the physicists or western medical scientists who have already built their own strong system?  How much energy and money should I prepare for this “court” and against the research centres which “belong” to the Pharmaceutical industry? Some universities usually obtain funds for research projects to prove that cigarette smoke triggers cancer, but not dental amalgam. I MIGHT SUGGEST RECORDING ALSO, THAT SMOKERS WITH  LUNG CANCER HAVE AMALGAM FILLINGS IN THEIR TEETH.

My statement is: Amalgam fillings/crowns are what cause cancer.

Note the perverse nationalism that she uses to justify her unscientific attitude, as if any request for evidence to back up her claims is just a manifestation of the “Western medical sector’s” prejudices against Indonesians.


The bad experience I had telling about bi-radicals theory,  (Kosower, 1968 and G, Zahar, l993) has left me wary but I feel it is important that it is known to the world .

My experiences with my friends who are physicists, chemists and mostly physicians, who left me because of the extraordinarily different work that I have been doing. But still I tried to conduct meeting with scientists in Singapore

Which was another lesson in disappointment with their skepticism, spending money for nothing, and losing a lot of energy.  Of course I still hope for the day when qualified people from abroad will look with an open mind at my work and the results coming from the balur clinics.

It’s so absurd I almost don’t know why I’m writing about it, except that smoking kills 400,000 Indonesians every year and the country has turned itself into a playground for Big Tobacco.

If we compare, the number of smokers from the lower class is far larger than the numbers from the middle and upper class. Yet, most of degenerative diseases such as cancer, stroke, kidney failure and autism are suffered by these middle and upper class people.

The Post’s website carries comments by one of her disciples who claim to have received incredible health benefits from Zahar’s magic cigarettes. The 71-year-old’s biggest backer appears to be Australian businessman John Clapham, who says “divine cigarettes” helped his battle with cancer.

Whatever the truth behind Zahar’s claims, whatever her motives and the motives of those who trumpet her activities, we should be very suspicious until there is credible scientific evidence to prove that “divine cigarettes” treat or cure anything. And until then, The Jakarta Post should be mindful of just how harmful false hopes can be.


Science is always changing because of new ideas, intuition and a changing environment. Many people die from chemo-therapy, radiation and other medical treatments after having been given hope by their doctors.  Hope is a very important part of healing and while balur therapy never seeks to give false hope; hope, faith and love are an important part of the healing process and have been since time began.

My above explanation to clarify the basic theoretical science for 30 years which can be claimed as successful as it was carried out with sincerity, prayer, and persistence  for a TRUTH. Maybe I am the only researcher who is using their own funds, who has to work hard, under lots of stress due to the contradictory theory.  According to my close friends, who are also scientists, my reckless nature makes me fearless, but “love” inspired this research. The research costs are mostly quite inexpensive as I  used myself in my experiments, and later on was supported by my friends. What I have been working on during all these years since 1980, is research on nano science and nano technology, which according to text books is very cheap as I only needed bekerglass, and as the researcher, act simultaneously  as an observer and a test case. The old Newtonian theory, where men observe, consequences, solve the symptoms is different to modern physics and the current relativity theory. Whatever mockery that I have received, why I have not written an article in the international journal, I have explained above. Now I feel relieved as I have started to write a book on the understanding of Human Life science, which will be edited by scientist D. Sangster.

For those who do not know about Divine Balur, please read the comment of David  Sangster, a scientist who is regarded in high esteem by a team of scientists in Australia, a supervisor who I respect and love very much, who, all this time listens and mentors me. Lastly, I pray that Divine cigarette is not ‘twisted’ to be the continuance of “Nicotine War 1980” program of the pharmaceutical industry who in the name of humanity is funding a mixture of well intentioned people who don’t yet know about these issues and some  less reputable people who are willing to do anything for a price.

The purpose of Divine is to give a SOLUTION for smokers who are categorized as anti environmentalists by groups of anti-smokers. Divine tobacco will bring peace to both  groups. Anti-smokers are asked to put aside their skepticism and try it out, first maybe by smoking the plants around them seeing the change of color etc.. The invention of this divine cigarette opens up a new occupation in agriculture by smoking the land with divine tobacco; even cows who are given the divine smoke improve the quality and quantity of their milk. Our current program, is to smoke damaged land which is planned for replanting, smoking seeds and fish in the ponds with Divine tobacco. Astonishingly those who work smoking the cigarette feel energized and happy.

The employment program will accelerate the cleansing of the Indonesian environment and change the nation to be wealthy in spirit and body as the traditional smoking of old times.

The cigarette advertisement on cigarette boxes is part of the “Nicotine War” program. It is indeed strange that our fathers who were heavy smokers who had many children were obviously not impotent, and we have not heard anybody having lung cancer in their villages, while those who suffer lung cancer are those who have money and amalgam fillings in their teeth.


Himbauan Kedamaian

Sebelum 27 Juli 2007  Grup “Balur Divine”, merupakan team  juga bukan perokok, tak pernah merokok dan dalam kantor kamipun tercantum DILARANG MEROKOK.

Bagi mereka yang senang kedamaian , marilah bersama-sama membantu

Solusi  Damai  dengan mempelajari histori program Nicotine War * 1980 yang dibuat oleh industri farmasi,  suatu program perang tapi peduli kemanusiaan

GoldTobacco -DIVINE PEACE untuk environment nyaman yaitu program pengasapan divine tobacco ke tanah pertanian dan tanaman2 , juga ternak sapi kambing, domba, dsb , yang telah dilakukan di beberapa tempat.  Hasilnya membuat lingkungan terasa nyaman, petani bersemangat tinggi dan sehat karena dibebaskan merokok divine yang berenergi nano.

Marilah kita ikut berpartisipasi  membuktikan  tobacco bisa  menjadi tak beracun setelah Hg  dikeluarkan dengan mengasapi tanaman rumah dsb dengan divine tobacco.  Dengan partisipasi demikian akan mengubah paradigma negatif terhadap perokok (yang komersial sekarang ini beracun   menjadi bersahabat).

TDC mempunyai program meniup biji2 tobacco dengan divinesmoke dll sebelum  ditanam dan hasilnya menjadi tobacco yang tak beracun dan ramah lingkungan.

WebLink :

  2. http://


Before 27 July, 2007 “Balur Divine” Group were nonsmokers and in our office we had a No Smoking sign. For those who want a peaceful solution, let us together  learn about the history of the 1980 Nicotine War  by pharmaceutical companies, and find a solution which involves compassion towards humanity. Gold Tobacco – DIVINE PEACE for the environment is a program run in several places which involves blowing divine tobacco into farm soil and plants as well as cows, goats, sheep etc. As a result, people now have a friendlier environment and farmers feel more healthy and uplifted caused by the nano compounds when smoking the divine cigarettes. Let’s participate in this war to demonstrate that tobacco plants can become nontoxic when the Hg is extracted by blowing it with the divine tobacco. Although commercial cigarettes are toxic, participating in the program will reverse the negative paradigm towards smokers as it will show that  some cigarettes can be nonsmoker-friendly. TDC also runs a program where tobacco seeds are blown with smoke from divine cigarettes before they are planted into the soil. Such seeds then produce nontoxic, environment-friendly tobacco plants.

WebLink :

  2. http://

RI eager to ban use of mercury

Adianto P. Simamora, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Fri, 06/18/2010 10:16 AM | National

The government has announced it plans to meet an international standard currently being developed that would outlaw the use and production of mercury, which is a highly toxic metal.

Head of the government’s team tasked with meeting the regulation, Rasio Ridho Sani, said Indonesians and the local environment were vulnerable to mercury poisoning.

“We plan to join the planned legally binding treaty on mercury issues,” Rasio told reporters Wednesday.
Indonesia imported 9 tons of mercury in 2009, primarily for use in dental clinics and small mining operations.

The first round talks for the anti-mercury convention was held in Stockholm last week, grouping
delegates from 121 countries and 61 NGOs.

During the meeting, Japan declared it would being implementing the regulation in 2013. Japan proposed the agreement be named the Minamata treaty, after the Japanese town in which more than 900 people died after consuming fish contaminated with methylmercury dumped into the bay in the 1950s. Acute mercury poisoning is referred to as Minamata disease.

“The talks on the mercury convention got huge responses as all countries look to prevent another incident like Minamata,” Rasio said.

He said Indonesia would look to implement the treaty within a select few industrial sectors at first, and would seek financial and technological support from rich nations to meet the demands of the agreement.

“We hope that implementation [of the treaty] will affect selected sectors, such as dental clinics, but the rich nations should still take the lead in combating mercury emissions,” he said.

Many Indonesian dentists still use mercury-based amalgam to fill cavities.

Data from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) showed that 1,200-2,900 tons of mercury was emitted into the atmosphere world wide every year due to human actions.

It said huge amounts of mercury were released into rivers, lakes, seas and on land.

The UNEP said most people and animals absorbed small amounts of mercury into their bodies through breathing in mercury emitted by industrial processes and coal-fired power stations, and ingesting mercury in food.

“There is increasing concern about the consequences of low-level exposure,” it said.

Experts claim fossil-fuel burning is the main contributor of mercury pollution.

Rasio said negotiations during the convention discussed how to reduce supply and demand as well as technical and financial assistance to combat mercury emissions.

Indonesia is currently a party to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions on hazardous chemical substances.


Divine cigarettes used to treat cancer

Prodita Sabarini, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Wed, 05/19/2010 8:54 AM | Feature

Many in the medical field might raise an eyebrow upon hearing that cigarette smoke can be good for one’s health, given the numerous findings relating tobacco use to an increase in  the risk of cancer.

Yet an Indonesian nanochemistry scientist is treating thousands of cancer patients in her clinic with modified cigarettes.

Seventy-one-year-old Greta Zahar, who holds a PhD in nanochemistry from the Bandung-based University of Padjadjaran, has been researching and developing specially treated cigarettes and cigarette filters, which she dubs the Divine Cigarette and Divine Filter, for more than a decade. She developed a detoxification process called balur (smear) treatment, which uses smoke from Divine Cigarettes as a conduit to capture and extract poisonous metal such as mercury from the body – a process she believes can be beneficial in treating cancer and several other diseases.

Her clinic, Griya Balur, in East Jakarta, has treated more than 30,000 patients, mostly stage three-to-four cancer sufferers, since 1998, she said. Not all patients can be helped and not all complete the full treatment. However, there are several outstanding cases in which patients in the late stages of cancer have significantly recovered after going on the treatment.

Her findings and treatment method were noted by Malang-based molecular biologist Sutiman B. Sumitro and GP Saraswati Subagjo.

The two changed from skeptics to proponents of Divine Cigarettes and the balur treatment when their spouses recovered from cancer after undergoing treatment with Greta. Since then, they have been working on bringing the science behind the Divine Cigarette and balur treatment up to date, by founding the Free Radical Disintegration Research Center. Saraswati also opened her own balur treatment clinic called Rumah Sehat (Healthy House) in 2007 in Malang.

As expected, it is difficult to take the idea of cigarettes as medical treatment into public discourse, Sutiman said. The idea contradicted the mainstream belief that tobacco use is detrimental to health, he said. Sutiman, a non-smoker, said he needed a super computer to do the research to provide solid evidence. Research funds, however, were lacking, he said.

When Australian businessman and former diplomat Murray Clapham underwent the treatment, he wrote an opinion piece in The Jakarta Post about the possibility of specially treated cigarettes as beneficial to health.

His op-ed received a flurry of comments, mostly disagreeing with his claim and assuming that Clapham was a tobacco lobbyist. In his piece, he related Greta’s findings without specifically elaborating on them. Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald newspaper also picked up the “bizarre” claim as news.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco use is the single most important factor in the risk of cancer. It is responsible for 1.8 million cancer deaths per year. WHO also states that lung cancer kills more people than any other cancer – a trend that is expected to continue until 2030, unless efforts to control global tobacco are greatly intensified.

In Indonesia, a country ranked as one of the top three cigarette consumers in the world with a booming tobacco industry, around 70 percent of Indonesian men older than 20 smoke and 400,000 Indonesians die each year from smoking-related illnesses, according to the WHO. Given the harmful effects of smoking, Muhammadiyah, one of Indonesia’s largest Muslim organizations, released an edict that smoking was haram (prohibited).

Divine smoking: Two packages of “Divine Filter” used to heal cancer patients. JP/R. Berto Wedhatama

The scientists explained they were not challenging the claim that commercial cigarettes were toxic.

They said they were challenging the notion that nicotine and tar had detrimental effects to people’s health. Their hypothesis is that commercial cigarettes are dangerous as they contain traces of mercury, a highly toxic metal.

Using biradical theory, Greta developed Divine Cigarettes and Divine Filters by inserting aromatic “scavengers” – substances that react with and remove particular molecules, radicals, in this case mercury. She produces her own cigarettes and filters for her clinic and has developed 38 types of cigarettes.

Greta said that mercury was safe as long as it remained in the ground, but as mining activities boomed in the 1970s more mercury rose into the air. Mercury, combined with pollution and ozone layer destruction – which creates harsher UV sunrays – becomes dangerously radioactive, she said.

Greta said that amalgam tooth fillings, containing elements of mercury, and vaccines with mercury-based thimerosal preservatives, were important factors in the risk of cancer and autism in children.

WHO has confirmed that mercury contained in dental amalgam is the greatest source of mercury vapor in non-industrialized settings, exposing the population to mercury levels significantly exceeding those set for food and air. There are two opposing views from scientists on whether mercury exposure from amalgam fillings causes health problems. One side says that there is not enough evidence to prove it and the other says it does have detrimental effects.

On thimerosal, the WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety, concluded that there was currently no evidence of mercury toxicity in infants, children or adults exposed to thimerosal in vaccines.

The balur treatment seeks to detoxify the body of mercury, Greta said. Patients lie down on a copper table. Two clinical assistants apply oil solutions to the skin with rubbing and smacking motions to open up the pores. The assistants then fill a large rubber syringe with cigarette smoke, then cover the whole body with smoke. Then they wrap the patient in aluminum foil.

“Usually after three months of treatment, their condition significantly improves. But they still have to be careful,” she said.

At her clinic, Greta demonstrated how the smoke entered the body. She filled the rubber syringe with smoke, positioned it on her head and pushed out the smoke so it covered the skin, entering the pores.

She repeated the process on the forearm of patient Ala Sulistyono. The smoke entered Ala’s forearm and left a flaky brown residue.

Nicotine is a chemical compound that is miscible with water and easily penetrates the skin. She said that the smoke could reduce the amount of toxins inside the body into nanoscale and extract them from the body.

Ala, who was diagnosed with stage three liver cancer in 2008 and was given around six to eight months to live, said that her health had significantly improved after following the treatment. It has been 21 months since her diagnosis, Ala said.

She added that the process was not pleasant, but that it worked for her. She continues to have blood tests and CT scans to document her improvement and she sends the results to Sutiman in Malang.

No longer dangerous? A man smokes a cigarette. Local scientists have developed a method of healing cancer patients by using tobacco and a treatment named balur. JP/J. Adiguna

Lung specialist from the University of Indonesia Ahmad Hudoyo said that new breakthroughs in medical treatment should undergo evidence-based research. He said that they needed to be experimented with on animals and cell cultures before being tried on humans. “If there is no evidence, doctors cannot suggest it,” he said. “What’s important is the research should be transparent and be reviewed by other scientists,” he said.

Sutiman aims to undertake more research on Divine Cigarettes and its possible health benefits, as well as seek funding. He said that long and thorough research, as well as much more evidence was needed before they could publish their findings in international science journals for peer-review.

Greta, however, was not interested in seeking acknowledgment from international scientists. She said the findings in her 13-year PhD research on bi-radical development had not been given any consideration.

“I say that’s a waste of time [seeking acknowledgement from international scientists],” she said. “What’s my purpose? I want to help people. Do I need to announce that everywhere?

“Do we need proof from abroad that this country is special? If people consider you as tempeh, that’s good enough,” she said, lashing out on the Western medical sector’s perception of Indonesian scientists.

“Pak [Su]Timan has assumed a role the international community will accept,” she said of Sutiman’s approach. She said that she only laughed when she heard Clapham wrote an op-ed that provoked many comments. “I say to him, ‘Take that!’ but I also say ‘I am proud of you because you’re brave to set a fire.’”


The Benefit of Divine Nanostructure of tobacco is the characteristic of its molecular which have the intra spin-spin interaction of the conjugated di-HO-Phenanthrenedienyl having large electron density in which the electron is very mobile. The huge molecule block (nanostructure) constructed is stable and becomes the transducer for Hg captured in nicotine due to its sensitizer character. These molecule blocks eliminate the toxicity of Hg.

The sunlight energy kept excited Hg* in the center of nicotine where energy is used to separate an electron from the opposite charge (called a hole). The electron is pushed quite a long way from the hole and is captured by another nanostructure (one of them is phenanthrenes). This very complex Fe3+–O2- permit charge recombination in such a way that energy of combination is filtered off.

These are characters of particulate of nano structure of the Divine Tobacco Smoke:

1. Higher velocity of smoke
2. Translucent blue fluorescence color (not misted)
3. Deodorant (Odorless)
4. Preservatives
5. High Refractive polymer
6. Higher birefringence as compared to its constituents

Considerable sites for further inquiries and references:


Environmental Working Group (EWG)


Mercury amalgam debate


Congresswoman Diane E. Watson

Considerable references for the invention:

Since 1950s pharmacologists and scientists have found that nicotine has significant therapeutic applications as a medicine for treating various diseases.

Many Slogans:
Indian: Tobacco plant the greater source of Nicotine as a gift from Gods
Jack Henningfield (l998): Nicotine is amazing chemical
Pharmacologic application of Nicotine: The Wonder Drug
Wanda Hamilton: GOLD in Nicotine

1. Dr K.H Ginzel wished: Tobacco can become a valuable resource of protein for human nutrition and animal feed as well as variety of important medicinal products

2. Alexander Glassman MD: Nicotine Safety and Nicotine Toxicity

3. Wanda Hamilton: Gold in Nicotine

4. Sutiman and Zahar: Mercury in Nicotine Tobacco leaf was safe in the past, namely before 1970. After 1970, when the mining industry boomed the Hg was significantly increased and produced a toxic situation. This happened along with the ozone hole which developed large enough for intensive effect of UVC * (wave length < 290nm) to reach the earth’s surface. The situation makes the extraneous 80Hg200 on air increase rapidly, followed by capability of Aurum ( 79Au197 or Gold) in nicotine tobacco leaves of capturing Hg*gaseous, becoming more sticky and toxic. Aurum/gold in nicotine (Au has smaller size 6s1 compared to Hg 6s2).

The Basic Concept of the Invention of Divine Filter Cigarette;

Polluted gaseous Hg* captured by Au in nicotine, becoming toxic since
Hg* ==> Thallium/Pb
(mercury able to produce artificial thallium or plumbum)

It means that 79Au in nicotine were covered by 80Hg ==> 81Tl artificial (Thallium), and when it exists in the molecular order will form bigger size particulates of cigarette smoke. Fortunately the development “Nano Scale” science produces the strategic technology breakthrough of tomorrow. This work has the ability to create the cigarette smoke at the molecular level into small particulates. It is possible by shifting the covering 80Hg 81Tl artificial (Thallium) into smaller artificial 79Au and making huge electrons with the Phenantrene groups. The exerted Hg in a toxic cigarette can be loosened from 79Au-nicotine of tobacco leaf by means of UVC light of the sun rays, followed by scavenger of biological compounds. This invention of Divine Cigarette using the exerted Hg increasing the aurum particle produces cigarette smoke that is already proven to be beneficial for biological anabolism in human nutrition. Further it may be important as medicinal products, just as Dr K.H/Ginzel wished.